Delightful and delicious meringue-based confections, our French macarons are melt in the mouth decadence.

These famous treats are a singular mouthful of extraordinary flavour and texture and are equally perfect as bomboniere or as a sweet finish to a meal. The macaron was first born in Italy centuries ago, but it is now an exquisite Parisian specialty.

The macaron is simple in nature, made only from finely ground almonds, sugar and egg whites. It’s distinctive feature lies in it’s almond flavour and round shape. When bitten into, it’s delicate but crunchy outer shell gives way to a soft fondant-like on the inside.

Unlike any macarons you’ve ever tasted, we have 24 irresistible flavours to choose from and sold in packs of 6. For those who find it too hard to choose, mixed boxes are also available.

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